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Ms. Mridul Aggarwal

Mridul Aggarwal, a watercolour artist and a mandala designer, considers art therapeutic. She feels creative expression through fine arts can foster healing and mental well-being. She works in several mediums; however, her niches include watercolours, charcoal and pencil. She has won accolades for her watercolour paintings and has showcased her work in several countries including Italy, Switzerland, Ukraine and Dubai. Computer Engineer with Masters in Information Systems by education, she has a natural flair for painting. She gave up her career a few years ago to pursue her passion for fine arts full-time. With no formal education in art, and childhood exposure to and deep interest in spirituality and creative arts made her discover her own unique style and expression.

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Email - mriagg@gmail.com

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The Lace Spool | Water Color | Brush |

Ms. Mridul Aggarwal | Price : INR